Keiko the Killer Whale

Don Ryan, Associated Press

Many of you have seen the movie series, "Free Willy". The star of that movie was an Orca, or Killer Whale, named Keiko. At the time of the making of the first "Free Willy" film, Keiko was not in good health. Nor did he have an adequate place to live. Once people discovered Keiko's situation, some felt very concerned about Keiko's health and lack of a good home. That is how the Free Keiko Foundation began. Its aim was to raise money to get medical care for Keiko and to build a good new home for him. Hence for the past several years Keiko has been living in a huge aquarium in Oregon, and his health is much better now.

Although Keiko might have lived there for the rest of his life, yet more people became concerned that Keiko was not free. So, they started to campaign to get an even better place for Keiko to live. Thus it is that Keiko is now being transported by aircraft to Vestmannaejar in Iceland. To find out more about Keiko and his new home check out the links below.

Ocean Futures

JJ the Baby Gray Whale

JJ at Sea World in San Diego

If you have visited here before, you already know that above is one of Sea World's photographs of JJ, the baby Gray Whale which was rescued around Venice Beach in California during the winter of 1996. In this time at Sea World, JJ reached around 30 ft in length and 18,000 lbs. in weight.

In March 1998, JJ was released back into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego, California. Seeing our baby whale transported by truck from Sea World to the ship yard where she was hoisted onto a ship from which she was later released into the sea, was extraordinarily exciting! For a couple of days after her release, we were able to track JJ's adventures in the ocean. Regretfully, however, this was no longer possible after her transmitters came off. Nonetheless, it is still possibile to find out about JJ and what we learned from her, by visiting the San Diego Sea World website listed below. Check it out for info on JJ and her life at Sea World. The other links below provide additional info about Baleen well as about other kinds of whales.

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