C. Willa Stewart

Let me introduce myself. May name is Spats, I am eight years old, am jet black with white socks, spledid white whiskers and a large white bib.

Spats in his favorite place
beside the Agu cooker.

I live on a farm in the Ae Valley in Dumfries-shire with my human family, Dave, Gill, Alexander and Zach, a horse called Fitz, a pony called Doughnut, another cat, Pippin, and three dogs - Tinker, a black Labrador, Lucy, an old English sheepdog, and Susie, a Jack Russel terrier. There are also chickens and doves in the farm courtyard.

Fitz beside the Wood Pile in the barn.
He looks enormous to me!

Doughnut, the Shetland pony.