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    The Philosophy Documentation Center
    Day Alexander's Philosophy in Cyberspace
    Tom Stone's EpistemeLinks
    The Philosopher's Magazine
    Philosophy Arena
    The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Archelogos - Classical Philosophy resources
    The Russell Archives at McMaster
    The Philosophy Project at the U of Chicago
    Great Books - some philosophers & e-texts
    Logical Systems - Mathematical Logic
    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Chalmers - Philosophy of Mind Resources
    Philosophy Around the Web - P. King
    Philosophy Songs!
    The Wittgenstein Page
    Ty's David Hume Page
    Women in Philosophy
    University of Liverpool Philosophy Resources
    Philosophy Internet Resources- search Hippias & Neosis
    Garth Kemerling's Philosophy Pages
    Paideia Project On-Line Archive
    Gallery of China: Chinese philosophy pages


    St. Andrews University Math DB

    James Clerk Maxwell
    Indian Mathematics
    Mathworld @ Wolfram sliding.gif - 1.10 K
    Mathematica trial page sliding.gif - 1.10 K
    Graphics for calculus - U of Minnesota, Institute for Mathematics
    Math Central
    Various resources for K-12. Ask a math question & get a
    qualified solution to your problem.
    Mathematics Internet Resource Collection
    Project Mathematics at Cal Tech
    Martindale Resource Center - everything!
    Math Forum - Math Tools
    International Currency Converter


    University of Rochester Linguistics Archive
    I Love Languages Page
    The IPA's International Phonetic Alphabet