Human Rights

Stein, Edith. LIFE in a JEWISH FAMILY. Washington, D.C.: ICS, 1986.

    Find Law
    UN Cyberschoolbus: Briefing Papers for Students of Human Rights
    United Nations Human Rights Site
    International Bureau for Children's Rights
    UNICEF: Convention on the Rights of the Child
    UNICEF: Voices of Youth
    International Red Cross
    American Red Cross
    University of Toronto Womens' Human Rights Resources
    Links to PeaceNet, EcoNet, LaborNet, WomensNet
    The Human Rights Center (UMn) - Super!
    Check out Justice Net!
    @igc - Children's Rights
    National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
    Museum of Tolerance Los Angeles
    Center for Human Rights in China
    The Center for World Indigenuos Studies
    Covenant House Alianza
    Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation
    UNESCO:Water Preservation
    UNESCO: Ethics Data Base
    UNESCO Declartion on Cultural Diversity
    UNESCO Multiligualism
    Human Security & Dignity: 56th DPI/NGO Conference UN
    UN(OCHA)Trust Fund for Human Security
    UN NGO Links

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