Pat lives and writes in the Southwestern U.S.A. These are two of her early poems.


      Little Virgo
      Child of light-
      How long will this white
      Innocence last?
      Too quick the years-
      They shall pass too
      Into some deeper hue
      Say laughing gold
      Or quiet blue.

      Summer's night
      Child of September-
      How well I remember
      Your quick silver.
      White lightening
      And a flash of sun-
      When will you run
      In lavender's passion
      To tell me what you've done?

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      Yesterday I saved the day
      To watch my little girl at play.
      I watched her chase the butterflies
      With laughing, twinkling, sky-blue eyes.
      And like most other two-year tots,
      She'd pause to smell forget-me-nots.

      Then sharing something with the breeze
      She peek-a-booed about the trees.
      I've never seen a soul so free
      As open-armed, she'd run to me.
      And taking just a pause to rest,
      She laid her head against my breast.

      But once I saw a sleeping child
      Who never moved, or breathed, or smiled;
      And motionless, with small hands curled,
      She slept within her liquid world;
      All wrapped within the gauze cocoon
      Which had replaced the soft, warm womb.

      I stood and stared; I almost cried;
      My baby lived - this small bud died.
      In this whole world, was there not room
      To leave her sleep within the womb?
      Are there now none who feel as I
      That we've no right to choose who dies?

      She'll never have a summer day
      A chance to laugh, to run,to play;
      Or live and love, or grow with grace,
      Or feel a soft kiss on her face.
      What dreams or longing could there be
      Within that silent limbo sea?

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