Check out the United Nations Cyberschoolbus:
Here there is all kinds of information on countries, world hunger, human rights, environment ...

Check out this website's links in many different subject areas:

Check out your children's rights by viewing some cool animations created for UNICEF!

Let's do some research...

Students' Guide to Research on the World Wide Web
Here there are search engines, guides for web page content analysis, research procedures and other helpful topics.

Awesome Library
This site contains many links to resources in content areas.

What does a word mean?

On-Line Dictionaries!
Over 400 dictionaries in 130 languages, grammars, thesaurus, translations, etymologies, dying languages...

Here are a couple of homework helpers that go across content areas:

Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport
Homework Tools
Schoolnet Canada

Here are some math homework helpers:

Math Central
Ask a math question and get an answer.
Great math Help from the Math League!
Dr. Math!

More homework helpers that have resources for many of your school subjects:

The Virtual Library
Internet Public Library
Huntington-Surrey School Research Links

Baffle your teachers with a way cool vocabulary:

Get a Word a Day!

Some of you are interested in animals. Try out these animal general resources:

The Tree of Life!
Biosis Super Animal Resources

Here's some frog stuff:

The Frog Dissection Tutorial: REAL frogs!

And, at least a few of you want to know about primates:

Or, check out our animal friends here:

Whale Pals: JJ and Keiko
Willa's Wildlife Adventures
Animal Watch